Thursday, May 3, 2018

Carloluigi Colombo paints

Circe the Sorceress


  1. Kirke was the daughter of the Titan sun god Helios and Perse, one of the 3,00 Oceanides (the offspring of the Titan personification of the sea Okeanos and his sister-wife Tethys). In some accounts she was the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. She used her magic staff and her knowledge of herbs and potions to turn her enemies into animals. Because Glaukos spurned her for Skylla, Kirke transformed her into a monster with a cat's tail, 4 eyes, 6 long snaky necks and heads with 3 rows of sharks' teeth, 12 tentacle-like legs; Glaukos was the guide and protector of sailors, but Skylla became their devourer. When Odysseus spent a year on her island he fathered 3 sons, the forefathers of the Etruscans; one of these men mistakenly killed his father and took his corpse back home for burial; Kirke responded by making Odysseus' wife and legitimate son immortal. She also revived Odysseus. His son Telemachus married Kirke's daughter but was killed by her after he slew Kirke in a quarrel; Odysseus died of grief.

  2. Very good explanation!
    I have always dreamed of creating a whole series of painting on Homer's Odyssey. This painting it's only one of a lot that I still have to realize on it. I hope that a day I'll be able to end it.


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