Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pramila Khadun writes

Sweet angel

Sweet angel, when God held your hand, 
He knew that you are not of this world,
That you wear this earth suit
But underneath is your armor,
From the crown of your head
To the soles of your feet,
The oil of love.

In this psychedelic world where
The gossip is always on the loose,
Life was not always for you a bumpy ride
Or pick-your-own-strawberries adventure.
It was a sentence and your words
Were beautifully chosen, undoubtedly.

Pretty woman, so beautiful in looks,
Wearing your ring studded with rubies,
You considered the world so differently
Where a door is not an entrance
Or an exit, it's a decision,
Windows help you make that decision.

You always had a moral victory in your thoughts.
You saw not through the facade of pretense,
Nor were your perceived differences impure.
Like rose petals falling on virgin snow,
Unnoticed, you always pulled people
To the other side, always pushing a little.

Sweet angel, now that you are in the land of love,
Celebrating the harvest of your karma, 
Lighting the fire of compassion,
Having put away the umbrella, 
We will soon join you in the dance
Under the winking stars.
Image result for rose snow paintings
Christmas rose pastel  -- Johanna Bohoy

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