Friday, August 25, 2017

A. V. Koshy writes

Swapna Sundari 

(First Draft.)    

Bangalore (Repeat beep / put on hold / return the call)
Into the room shuttered and fully closed

as per his solemnly sworn sincere chastity oath

where he sat writing on Indian society and Eros

she came, with interest in sapiosex -

He did not know why, why her face attracted

Was it the skin or the sari that mattered?

He fooled around with words and jokes

but was fully the man of intellect throughout

Was it the face photoshopped and not

archetypal bharatnari, dwarapalaka, goddess

or the boldness in the way she followed him around

or her being smarter but telling him he was better

He did not know why but for a long time he desisted

to let in feelings that were already destined

in little boats and ins and outs of a constant stream of poems

It was fight and make up, touch and go

It was like and unlike, love and hate

and internecine mercenary jealous angry futile wars

Nothing could this way be ever resolved

but behind the mask he was being torn apart

Storm tossed clouds scudded across a tranquil bay

The sign of his fate was in his pen's new found prolific gait

 Image result for dwarapalika, bangalore

 Dwarapalaka, Brihadeeswarar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

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  1. A bharatnari is the ideal Indian woman. A dwarapalika is a doorkeeper at a Hindu temple.


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