Sunday, August 27, 2017

A. V. Koshy writes

Swapna Sundari
(First Draft.)

Jazan (15)

There where there is no water

drop by drop

in the dust it fell

became deep down dripping in a reservoir of an ocean

half made of tears and half of laughter

half made of lies and half of truth's master

till one day it broke and nothing was left

except poetry and there was no need

to pick up the broken pieces

to gain what is the most precious thing on earth

a never ending flow of gold, silver and pearls

one has to be ready to pay with one's life

though no one demanded he himself paid the price

The broken pieces glistened

lying on the ground

in the light of the harsh desert sun

but he never looked back

having found the vein

all he had to do was let the heroin in

through his bloodstream it flowed

nothing was as sweet

everything looked beautiful

all one, broken into

the home becomes an ocean that cannot contain the joy

or the tears

He was lost in fate's own ply

which swirled him around in a whirlpool

and would not let him go

despite all his fears

It whispered: love gives and takes

do not fear

though it sometimes may take years

15) A small city in Saudi Arabia

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  1. Jazan is a Saudi port city on the Red Sea, directly north of the border with Yemen. The area is noted for its high-quality production of tropical fruits like mangos, figs, and papayas.Before World War I it was a major pearl-fishing site.

  2. This series is going to be stupendous embellished with Diane's erudite notes and eloquent illustrations. It cries to come out in book form.Hats off to both.


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