Sunday, August 27, 2017

Narayanan Nair writes


Moved but undeterred 
Goku first blazed the trail  
Of tutored multilingual 
And metered knowledge. 
While quests arose in his 
Formative but sharp mind, 
Does one grasp and harmonize 
The vibrant hormones 
And nerves' communes 
To do service to the sapiens?
Or take to non-Euclidean domains 
With cosmic paradigms 
And tensored codes to track 
Fundamental inexactitudes?

There! the laureate stepped in 
As if from the vivid blue sky 
'Be bold' he said radiantly 
'Probe deep into basics 
And you do have the mettle 
To delineate any quantum muddle'. 
Galvanized, Goku packed his bags 
With dedication, probity  
Inspiration and joy 
And strode forth into the realm 
Of leptons, gluons, quarks and photons 
And bosons with neutrinos anti and pro. 
Armed with photogenic ideas stacked thick 
To fly high and track the Jekyll and Hyde 
Of strong weak duos of Ks and mews 
At Bristol, Mumbai, Deccan and Delhi.

Flourished as an inspired coworker, 
Mentor, friend, philosopher, guide  
And leader unparalleled and bigger 
Than numerous decorations conferred. 
Blessed be his name, as we are blessed too 
By the shining star, now in his heavenly abode.   

(In revered memory of the great Indian Scientist, Prof. M G K Menon)
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  1. Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar Menon was a high energy particle physicist from India known for his pioneering scientific contributions to nuclear emulsion techniques, his elucidation of the properties of strange particles (“leptons, gluons, quarks and photons / And bosons with neutrinos anti and pro / …. Of strong weak duos of Ks and mews”), and his high-altitude balloon flight studies of cosmic rays near the geomagnetic equator as well as deep underground experiments with cosmic ray neutrinos in the mines at Kolar Gold Field. Educated at Jaswant College, Jodhpur, and the Royal Institute of Science, Bombay, he received hid PhD in elementary particle physics at the University of Bristol under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Cecil F. Powell, who developed the photographic method of studying nuclear processes and discovered the pion (pi-meson). He was the director of the Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Mumbai and held various scientific positions for the Indian government in the areas of electronics, environment, new energy, space, and defense. As secretary of the Department of Science and Technology he masterminded the nation’s 1983 Technology Policy.

    Jekyll and Hyde was a character created by Robert Louis Stevenson in his 1886 novella, "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde." The author was inspired by a dream and wrote the tale continuously over a three-day period, while he was bedridden due to a hemorrhage. The story concerns Dr. Henry Jekyll, who had invented a serum to suppress his evil urges, which transformed him into the demonic Edward Hyde. The book sold some 40,000 copies in its first six months, and 250,000 in the US by 1901, spawning over 120 stahe and cinematic adaptations.


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