Sunday, August 27, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

A World Full of Beautiful Songs

There is a world full of beautiful songs

Out there;

Each more sweetly silencing

And bringing forth

More tears than t’other.


Mellifluous as fragrant honey.

Money cannot make or buy it:

Songs so lyrical you cry at


The child, sensitive and innocent
Of harmonies and reading notes
Looks back on songs she learned by rote,
With warmth and ardor.
Learned by heart,
They weren’t hard to memorize.
Their beauty struck a chord
The size of don’t-know-what.

Sweet song or hot,
A taste for this, a taste for that;
It’s music that gave solace,
Reassurance, dancing feet.
World full of song and beat,
Time complete.

There is a world of euphony
And melody
To sing about.

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