Saturday, August 19, 2017

Donal Mahoney writes

Alive Just One Week

Alive just one week,
the Luna moth plastered 
to my screen door 
under porch light is 
pale green and beautiful.

It has no mouth and lives 
just a week so it can mate.
The female calls the male
in the middle of the night 
silently with pheromones.

Keep your porch light on 
from April through August 
and open the door slowly
just after dawn when you
step out to get the paper.
She may still be there.

That’s not unusual at dawn.
The male has done his part
and like so many males
his role’s complete 
so he moves on.
Luna moths must work fast.
Alive just one week, they
have no mouth and never eat.
 Luna Moth -- Don Simons

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