Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rik George writes

Remembrance Five

I wake while night still fends off day
With darkness. She has been in my dreams. 

I’m half-awake; to me it seems 
She came to me with something to say.

Whatever message she meant for me 

Faded away as I woke up. 
I fumble through my dream to grope 
For clues she left. It shall not be.

Some claim the dead return to shield 

The fragile living against some evil 
Or to rescue them from the devil 
Who keeps their souls in stranglehold.

I don’t believe the dead ones care 

What happens to us living folks. 
They’ve written all their history books; 
They won’t scribble any more.

I woke in the dark and moonless night. 

I dreamed of her as though she stood 
Whole beside my rumpled bed 
Gowned in cotton and crowned with light.
 Image result for nimbus painting
 Nimbus -- Joshua Bronaugh


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