Saturday, January 28, 2017

George Reece writes and plays

Je Suis Charlie

Give me something beautiful,
Something strong, satirical and free.
And if I have to die for it,
I will because it means that much to me.
Between the ways we see the world
There seems to be this big disparity.
Take exception, take offence,
But never try to take my liberty.

Je suis Charlie x2

The pencil doesn't feel as if it's
Mightier than the sword as it should be.
With all the talk of martyrdom
We're looking at the art of them to see.
What kind of man has got it in his head
To have a shot at infamy?
Maybe there's a feeling
We're as much at fault in our society...

Je suis Charlie x4
Mais ils sont Charlie aussi.

Tant qu'il ya de la joie,
L'amour et de l'espoir,
Je veux continuer.
Il faut continuer.

Je suis Charlie x4
Mais ils sont Charlie aussi.
Je suis Charlie,
Mais ils sont Charlie aussi.

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