Monday, January 23, 2017

Dorin Popa writes

here, after twenty years, you come and tell me
that the ravines, the pits, the swamps that I pulled you along
have been good shelters to you afterwards, that
you have never seen such a splendour

“sounds, blue and cunning sounds, sawdust freshly broken up
and satin copper-coloured belts are yeasting mixtured not too
far away

"for twenty years my consciousness has tried to get the forgiveness for the loneliness and the misfortune in which I walled you up and  for my wrong act of coming up against you

“on the corner screen the story of the sinking in alcohol of the very  beautiful sadness in string is still on”
but you, you thank me for having pulled you along in the mud
for having forced you to look nowhere, you
carefully describe the weird plants that were
madly flourishing in my soul
and you think that their shadow had afterwards guided you
not to lose, not to slide, not to be mistaken

“the small muslin rags, the castor oil and the cork of an old
bottle hermetically screwed on in the summer warehouse, will  soon blow up”
– but nobody will ever know anything about that

oh, may your life be blessed as you let me turn
my eyes in silence
as, instead of seeing my forehead full of dust, you see it full of  stars

“last year, in an autumn afternoon someone entered the hollow on the bank of the river and never came out again and, a few days ago, a strange old woman put a yellow cross of nut tree there…”

may the guardian angels watch over you, my strange lover, as you
let me see a deep invaluable sign in my life’s futility now, my strange lover, I’ll pray for you till the end of  time

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