Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Michael Drummond writes


Yearning, yearning, what is yearning? 
It’s what keeps humanity turning
It cuts the trees, poisons the seas 
It turns me against you and you against me
Yearning by day and by night 
Yearning visible or out of sight
You don’t believe, but it’s always there 
Yearning constantly foul or fair
Yearning to get or to escape 
Yearning for virginity or for rape
Oh pray to your Gods and holy men 
To be rid of Satan’s hollow gems 
Pray to the monks and to the priests 
To cleanse your soul of the darkly shadowed beast
But you waste your time 
With no reason or rhyme
Yes … The holy book’s creed? 
There is no devil, but the yearning seed.

 Image result for yearning painting
 Yearning -- Asha Carolyn Young


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