Sunday, January 19, 2020

J. D. Nelson writes

eclipse procedure on earth five

room the way
way up not
starting to rain here

today is control day and all of the robots are here

stop blinking I’m serious

to creep past the sun


  1. In the earliest days of comics book DC introduced various super heroes including the Flash and Green Lantern, but most of them ceased publication soon after World War II. However, the company started reviving different versions of those characters (with different alter egos, different origins, and different costumes). In 1961, in "The Flash" 123, the firm tried to reconcile its opposing rosters by positing parallel worlds. The current line-up existed in Earth-One, while the original characters lived on Earth-Two. Within a couple of years, the old all-star Justice Society of America of Earth-Two began appearing regularly with its Earth-One version, the Justice Society of America; superheroes such as Flash, Green Lantern, Atom, and Hawkman had alternative identies in each group. Eventually, a parallel multiverse emerged with 51 divergent realities, including Earth Five, which was "a kinder, simpler world" without superheroes.


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