Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Alexis Ogunmokun writes

Ruining Marriages

He regretted hurting his ex-wife
On his daughter's first birthday
When he kissed her best friend
While the baby monitor's camera recorded
That destroyed his perfect marriage
He tried to beg for his forgiveness
But she would not hear of it

She found love with another man
A few months after finding her husband and her best friend in bed together
She learned that he and her best friend have a daughter together prior to the cat being out of bag
She is divorced from her husband
And severed all contacts from her ex-best friend
As she and her second husband have four beautiful miracle children together

He watched his wife and son leave
After he choose to be with a wealthy single mom
And be a father figure to her son
He loved money more than his ex-wife and infant son
To a point of mooching money
Off of her
He neglected his son to go to a party
To meet other women who are loaded with cash
He paid less attention to his wife and son
Who left him to be with his greed for money
Leaving him empty inside

She saw her husband kissing his mistress
At his financial business firm
She did not want to divorce him sooner
So she used his guilt on him by having him
Sign over the house to her
Buy a car for her
And have her take over his financial business firm for her
She divorced him a month later
That gave him all the freedom to be with his mistress
Who dumped him because he has no money
While she starts her new life as a single woman

She and her husband have been married
For 9 years
That begin to crumble
When they were unable to have children
And they drifted apart
She thought throwing a wedding anniversary party
Would repair what is left of their marriage
He spilled the beans to her that he does not love her
But loves his architecture design firm's boss' wife
He bad mouth his boss, his friend's, his co-workers and his family
Who heard the whole thing in the other room
He lost his job, his friends and his composure
Allowing his wife to kick him out of the house
Thus making this moment a viral video
That was recorded by one of his former co-workers
She divorced her husband and supported his former boss at his divorce trial
They married three years later
As her ex-husband has no job or friends
To this day

Marriage is hard work
But shatters with pure betrayal

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