Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Alexis Ogunmokun writes

A Bag of Riddles

I fight for the black community
While running the Whorephenage
I killed TF Curtis
Fought President Nixon
While getting beautiful women in bed
My martial arts skills and my loaded gun
Made me unstoppable
With my allies
Cream Corn
And Bullhorn
By my side
Who am I?

I was a freelance agent
With a purpose to take down the Man
Of Caucasian descent
Because he wanted to eliminate black culture
And other ethnic cultures
I became a Brotherhood agent
While dressed in 1970's attire
To win women's hearts
I was portrayed by Eddie Griffin in the first movie
I was portrayed by Michael Jai White in its sequel
Who am I?

I am 007
An international spy
For the Secret Intelligence Service
I am suave with the ladies
And I look good in a tuxedo
I was portrayed by Sean Connery
To Daniel Craig
Who am I?

I am part of a comedic duo
With Keegan Michael Key
On Mad TV
Then our other sketch show
Key &Peele
On Comedy Central
I wrote Get Out
Who am I?

I played for the New England's Patriots
As their tight end
I ended my career when I was arrested
For the murder of Odin Lloyd
My reputation preceded me off the football field
Because of my drug use
My hot temper
And my drinking habit
I took the coward's way out
On April 19 2017
In prison
Who am I?

My name is Joan Marie Laurer
I was a wrestler at the WWE
Then a glamour model, adult film actor, actor and bodybuilder
In 1997-2001
I was on VH1's The Surreal Life
I died of an accidental drug overdose
On April 17 2016
At 46 years old
Who am I?

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