Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Alexis Ogunmokun writes

The Shapeshifter's Time in Dox City

Dox City, New Jersey
A city full of crime and corruption
Behind the flashing lights
Are unfriendly people
At midnight

It allowed three muggers rob two
Fourteen year old Dixon High School freshman
At knifepoint
So they reported this incident to the police
Took the public bus home
Only to find the same muggers dead in an abandoned apartment building
The next day
From an execution shot to the head

A couple engaged to be married
We're beaten and mugged by four thugs
They beat the groom to be up till he stopped breathing
While his fiancé remains protected
But her dog taken from him
However they were followed to the thug leader's house
Their he and his friends were shot and dismembered within the house
And the dog returned to his owner the next day

A corporate lawyer
Was beaten branded bludgeoned to death
With a branding iron
After he viciously sexually assaulted a prostitute
Who looks like a woman
Sound like a woman
On the outside 

But has mannerisms and parts of a man
On the inside

A mugger murdered a couple
In front of their two kids
After he stole the money from the dad
But made off with the broken pearl necklace
Yet he was shot in the back of his head with an arrow
And hit with another fatal arrow in the back

A hostile bar of bigots
Became a massive bloodbath
When a racist gang in red hats
Wearing the swastika on their vests
Were shot in the heads
Stabbed in the chest
Dismember in half

An expensive
Fancy modernized restaurant
Is blown up to pieces
Killing countless customers
Countless employees
And killing a restaurant owner/manager
Of this burning eatery
Why was it targeted
Because the manager asked a customer
And his male date to leave
Because they allegedly made his customers uncomfortable 

Two cat burglars
Are shot to death
In their apartments
After robbing seven homes
Within Dox City's suburban neighborhood district
At gunpoint dressed in ski masks
With their stolen goods
Returned to the police

A carjacker and his wife
Died in an explosion
Caused by pipe bombs
Planted underneath a car
That was owned by a young woman
That they robbed at gun point
A few hours earlier outside a bar

A homophobe was stabbed to death
Outside of a night club
That appeals to the LGBTQ+ customers
After he tased his seven male victims
Then violate them with an empty beer bottle
And leave them pant less outside the nightclub
For seven nights
He died of his injuries when his man part
Were castrated from his body
As he profusely bled out
On the hospital bed

A doctor and receptionist
Died of cyanide poisoning
In the morning
After ignoring a patient
Who checked into the hospital
For signs and symptoms of a stroke
But let him die a few hours later
This brought a lawsuit against them
By the patient's family
Who received their payment
A few days later

The Dox City Police detectives
Could not identify the killer
Behind the unspeakable horrific murders
But they are unaware that the killer
Is literally a chameleon who murders
People as different people
Then slinks into the dead of night
While preying on another predator
Within Dox City
To kill and rob for joy and fun
While having apathy for the people he saves
At night

A robber was killed
After trying to rob
A liquor store 

Two robbers try to rob
Innocent people on a subway train
Only to be shot dead by one target

A pimp was tased
And strangled to death
In front of his young working girl
That he decked in the face
After she gave him little money
That she received from one cheap client
That was administered the lethal dose of heroin

A pedophile's throat was slit
At a parking lot of a movie theater
After he raped a girl in the girl's bathroom
Within the movie theater
He bled out and died in his car

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  1. Doxxing is the practice of posting online someone's personal information.


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