Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Davika Mathur writes

The Soldier of Mind

round faced paper origami
the mammoth long body of thorns,
how do you sprint and dance now?
In the occasions of forever upside chaos.
The chaos that further extends to your mind,
to your never met lover’s face.
The vacant tongue of numerous pending words.
How do you stay awake in the moments of abstract night?
The epitome of a clock when it sinks,
sinking the lotus shaped bowl along with itself.
How do you keep yourself warm?
Warmth that satisfies the heart?
the blood-frothed mouth
of canvas full of always moving objects
Why do you stop now?
Move. Hop and jump
like a pictorial of  a slipping soldier in your mind.
Pronounce this life like a star of your chest.
Understand the breeze yet again.
No, do not brush where the few leaves hang on,
for they resemble pages of strength without a name.

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