Thursday, February 28, 2019

Saikat Gupta Majumdar writes

Inhuman, still human.
The squirrel got astonished when creeping upward
Some apes looked gloomy on the branches above
No charm found even in their kids playing,
The deer’s indifference despite tender leaves nearby
A herd of elephants passed silently enough
And the birds’ twittering was quite infrequent.

He quit for a change to another forest
A little way from other end of the river
‘But who can rob their happiness meanwhile?’
‘Only human beings’ - replied the woodpecker
‘They are growing in numbers so rapidly
‘And turning forest to city is their present profile’.

Then what about us?
‘No more secure our existence is’ - big monkey said
‘The wave of urbanisation is in the air for human need’
The squirrel got stunned and thought----
Is that practically human at all?
Or, the most inhuman, for a human cause
Image result for squirrel and woodpecker paintings
Squirrel and Woodpecker -- Ota Janeček

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