Monday, February 25, 2019

Gary Glauber writes

Gravity of Light

At its core, it is a simple life.
Yet there are comfort rewards,
bed sheets of fine organic cotton,
a vista of snow-covered trees.

Things pleasing to the senses,
new perspective years provide:
adventures of appreciation,
actions of subdued reflection. 

Swirling winds like memories
create drifts of clarity,
a reverse clairvoyance
in quietude of prayer.

Essential moments of
personal significance shared
mean less to others, but passion
spreads light regardless,
a magnetized true north.

Pondering the mutual
punishments and exploits
keeps one awake nights
or serves as soundtrack
to very vivid dreams.
Pierre Bonnard, Earthly Paradise, 1916–1920. The Art Institute of Chicago. (Used with permission. Copyright 2008 Arti
Earthly Paradise -- Pierre Bonnard

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