Saturday, February 23, 2019

Pramila Khadun writes

My love

My love is so vast
That a sheet of paper
Will not be enough to write about it.
Bring the sky down,
I will cover it with the ink of love.

My love is meek like a lamb,
Carrying the rustic scent of my grandmother’s cottage
Where I was born and grew up,
Portraying in innumerable guises
The fragile experience that life is.

My feelings are of high spirit and artistic purity.
Very early, I learned the unfolding
Of the magical wings of love,
Affecting all those around me positively.

I never knew what love is
Until I fell in love.
Like the vibrant colors of Spring,
I danced, drunk with love
While the stars winked at me.
I sang merrily like a lark
While the pastoral symphonies spread around.

How can I write about this love
On a single sheet of paper?
Give me the vast sky,
There, I will write about my love.
Skywriting -- Jim Bilgere

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