Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Manthena Damodara Chary writes


When you wear the crown
You are gorgeously grown
Remove any pricking thorn
To keep all the glory untorn

When you fascinate honour
You discern some dishonour
You nourish your demeanour
To drive away misdemeanour

Resplendent realities are stark
Final facts are kept in the dark
Illustrious image has a shadow
Joy can not live without sorrow

We should maintain equanimity
To widen realm of magnanimity
The world craves for generosity
For sound survival of humanity
File:Angel Ponte Sant Angelo crown thorns.jpg
Angel bearing the crown of thorns,  Ponte Sant'Angelo, Roma-- Paolo Naldini [copy of Gian Lorenzo Bernini]
“In aerumna mea dum configitur spina” ("in my affliction, whilst the thorn is fastened upon me"), Psalms 31:4

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