Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yvon Malenfant writes

On Gyeryongsan

On Gyeryongsan
This canopy of trees, 
we're surrounded by green.
The sound of a rushing stream,
there is beauty all around the two of us.
With nature I get high,
it helps me to get by.
The smell of the evergreen,
infuses me with so much olfactory meaning.

On Gyeryongsan

Birds flying high above me,

chirping their happy songs.

My baby's happy smile,

oh how she turns me on.

Under the moonlit stars

shining all around us.

A night of dancing moonbeams sends shivers down my spine.

On Gyeryongsan

our best days are spent at that high place.


  1. "Chicken Dragon Mountain" is believed to have the most "qi" of any mountain in South Korea. Qi (or ch'i, or ki) is the vital energy or life force.

  2. Owls, owls going by so fast,
    the seaside of my past,
    we dined on oysters and bass.
    yesterday it seems.
    owls, owls going by so fast.

    - dawn rocket

  3. Che Che says Hi

    "Chicken Dragon Mountain", I must go there.
    Should I go to the mushroom place?
    or will they make me eat mushrooms.

  4. Che Che says Nice Day

    Ohh,... Then I will go.
    Thanks you!!!


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