Friday, July 10, 2015

Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju writes



how can i tell you of your flaws?

when you are flanked
by honeys from deceitful hives
of truthful lies in bloated bellies of  bees

would i not sound like
a prophet of doom amidst
drooling accolades of your accidents?

would not my bricks of corrections
chorus a thud of envy

and paint me                                
a predator of progress...?


how will i tell you, idun?

that your teeth are not yet strong for sugarcanes
for these brown barks
grey with years in rooty tentacles...

when you ride on pride
for the crush you pay
biscuit bones in sweet beans...

would you eat the corn on cobs
and maybe train your milky teeth to mature...?

would you not say
i want you stagnant in the arms of patience

and plague my motives a pretentious interest ...?


how can I tell

that i am the print that directs your blue

that our configuration is a twin code
you are the blue and i am the print

a designed destined blueprint...

when you are consumed by lucks of  luxury
and you jeer at my prospered penury...

would you not say i am
a trespasser; a poor gold-digger?

would you not call your dogs
the sycophants you call friends

to bark, bite and tear me piecemeal?


how will i console your wail?

when you tell your whips in weeps
in twitching sights and gasping nostrils

and your tears flag...

fragments of failed dreams
a set of broken teeth
and your blues without prints...

would you share my grief?

would you cry with me
when passion pains wind me in teary mills?

would you know my drain
that i have no tears left again!


  1. This is a poem to be read slowly and savored, even though its short lines and rhythm beg for a quick perusal. It is a series of questions that answer themselves, studded with hidden rhymes and great wisdom.


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