Thursday, July 23, 2015

Conor O'Reilly writes


Ah yes, Ireland.
Ah yes, I know Ireland.
He exclaimed as he passed me a blue plastic bag holding my boiled pig's feet, raw garlic, fermented shrimp dip, and fresh lettuce.
 Ah yes, near to England.
 Oh, yes I know it's not in the UK. I know all about the relationship between Ireland and England.
I handed my Mastercard over with both hands, he swiped it, then I signed a smiley face.
You know how I know all about Ireland's relationship with England?
His eyes widened as he prepared to deliver his punch line.
I watch many movies. 
And he nodded. Slowly. Watching me take his answer in.
With that I left, heading for home with a skip in my step. Home, to sit on the floor and eat my Sunday dinner.


  1. Conor very skillfully makes the readers feel his emotion in this poem, without telling them what or how they should feel. Very effective use of quiet irony.


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