Sunday, July 12, 2015

Conor O'Reilly writes

Fire Safety Training

In a pre-fab on top of a pre-fab
Sat on a plastic folding chair,
surrounded by walls
decorated with so
many posters that
outline the tough 
ethical stance of
the company
for the world 
and it’s people.

I am to be trained:

Thou shall not to use the life saving fire-fighting equipment provided
Thou shall not take thy belongings
Thou shall not scream.
Thou shall not run
Thou shall not panic

as one has been trained.

Next lesson: Sit and roll-over for beginners.

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  1. A Kafkaesque moment shared by Conor. (Franz Kafka's work was characterized by senseless, labyrinthine bureaucracy. Here is one of his short stories.)

    You go to the city to see the law. Upon arrival outside the building, there is a guard who says "You may not pass without permission", you notice that the door is open, but it closed enough for you to not see anything (the law).

    You point out that you can easily go into the building, and the guard agrees. Rather than be disagreeable, however, you decide to wait until you have permission.

    You wait for many years, and when you're an old, shriveled wreck, you get yourself to ask:

    "During all the years I've waited here, no-one else has tried to pass in to see the law, why is this?",
    and the guard answers:

    "It is true that no-one else has passed here, that is because this door was always meant solely for you, but now, it is closed forever".

    He then procceeds to close the door and calmly walk away.


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