Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sabi Khadeeja writes

Fish that swim back

Green that camouflages as blue 
Sketches the skies in its depths.
We, who were born before 
Time, sea and land, 
Swim back as fish into ourselves.

We flow, panting, but 
No one notices that. 
As we swim back 
Like the rushing wind 
Trapped in the depths 
We get wet by the covenants with God 
More than by water. 
We brim over to ourselves 
Along the oceans formed 
By the blending of our wetness.

All the fish are swimming back.

Whirlpools of immeasurable depths 
Like the orbits of fish 
Caught on a fish hook. 
The fish rise from the depths 
Trap us on the hooks 
And return to the depths. 
Travelers on the sea 
Caught in the hooks flung by them 
Swim frantically flailing. 
Whales who guzzle the blue of the blue. 
White water flowers which blossom 
With the somersaulting fish.

All the fish are swimming in reverse. 
They continue to swim 
Till they discover 
The rivers that flow so deep 
Unknown to anyone.

Fishermen shrink in the cold 
Among the roots of the sea tree. 
The nets and fish hooks stand guard 
Over the fish they rear 
In the greenish blue. 
Stars that dream of the fish 
Build pathways to the depths. 
Falling in the water, 
They become star fishes. 
The fish that swim slowly 
Eventually turn into virgins 
And build palaces on the sea bed.

Palaces where we cannot reside.

Always, whenever we look, 
All fish are swimming back, 
Across the flow but 
Not cutting across the water.

They are swimming back 
Though they never reach.

May be it is an impossible task.

Can fish 
Swim back to water 
Until they become water? 
Can we 
Live in the reverse 
Until we become us?

--Tr Ra Sh

 Image result for fish human paintings
Les Merveilles de la nature (The Wonders of Nature) -- Rene Magritte

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