Saturday, December 31, 2016

Alok Mishra writes

My Lovely Spirit

Why does your memory
Give me a sense
Of ocean's depth
In my trembling heart?

Times ago
I used to ask you for
The words of my thoughts.
Now I am barren.
How to tell you,
O my lovely spirit?

Not a second passed
Without your breath in my lungs.
Every part of my tangible frame cries for its existence.
How do they survive,
O my lovely spirit?

No one in this world
Is so beautiful and dear to me,
But it is my strong nature
That I stand in both worlds
Even if you are not before me
To give me support.

No, no it is your supporting nature
That is alive in me
Even today.
You are not absent,
You are present, present, present
Before me.
Your breath I feel in my lungs;
Your blood circulates in my veins;
Your feelings are in my nerves;
Your tears I feel in my eyes;
Your supporting nature tells me the words
That embellish this poem,
O my lovely spirit!

 ThreeVeronica -- Benjamin Garcia

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