Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rik George writes

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Out of the Shadow

Shunning my shadows has shaped my way. 

Sure I knew the geas of God, 
I stifled the cry of the Spirit within me. 
I danced with angels and dallied with demons 
bound in the pages of the books I studied. 
Weary with turmoil and tumults of spirit, 
I sought haven in a prairie pulpit, 
earnest to soothe my soul in service. 
I affirmed my faith with false fervor, 
gulled with dogmas of God and goodness. 
My shadow deepened, light shunned me as shameful 
I made demons of failure from my fear of freedom. 
Broken, I yielded to the folly I’d fled from, 
and there was God, greeting me with laughter 
and holy healing for heart and mind.

Black Cross with Stars and Blue - Georgia O'Keeffe

Black Cross with Stars and Blue -- Georgia   O’Keeffe                Church Steeple  -- Georgia O’Keeffe

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