Tuesday, December 27, 2016

James Diaz writes

The First Cut is the Cheapest

And you cannot master the dark 
as you go under 
the floor boards 
looking for what you've lost 
this is a bruise and bramble 2 a.m. 
kind of pain 
and only the lonely 
know how to bend 
wide enough 
cracking themselves apart at the seams  
and now the daylight is stuck inside of their torsos 
bleeding out in a bad way 
and what you get is more than what you bargained for 
we weren't born to be this way 
where the first cut is 
steeped in shadow 
and spilling over 
the last one 
will be beyond 
anything you know 
how to contend with 
a refugee desperation
from a place called without-home 
a broken promise 
an unspoken word 
all the things you should have said 
but didn't.
Image result for card players painting  
War Veterans playing cards -- Wilhelm Heinrich Otto

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