Friday, December 9, 2016

Mary Annie A. V.

The clock on the wall: 
The clock on the wall  
harboured beneath it, ants.

I discovered it, 
when after 
three years of faithful ticking 
it decided to stop.

I stood tip toe on a stool 
and picked it off the wall. 

From the black colony 
some disentangled 
and blinded me. 

As I touched the floor 
I thought 
I heard the clock tick again.

Before I knew 
It's  big steel arms  
enveloped me 
in a strong embrace,

I  choked.

The ants resumed their kissing 
and kept marching on. 

 The Persistence of Memory hidden symbols, 1931. Painting by Salvador Dali
 La persistència de la memòria (The Persistence of Memory) -- Salvador Dali

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