Wednesday, December 14, 2016

KianaRose writes

Song: #1

When God stirred the pot to create you he must have fallen asleep.
Drooled into your mixture.
Formed you clumsily.
Yet, despite you and all your ugly,
       you found the heart to tell me 
                                  "that love could not exist" 
                                                       because my skin was the wrong color. 
But, still, the curves of our hands managed to melt into one.

And I hated every freckle that kissed your skin, 
your deformed, lizard grin, 
your hair that could not be brushed. 
Hated that when our lips touched the world was        and  
                                                                             flat          dead; 
So, we'd cling to each other's hearts 
and you'd touch me to heaven
where I'd curse God for making love not exist 
without you and all your ugly. Image result for white man black woman painting

 Thread --Njideka Akunyili

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