Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rik George writes

Remembrance Seven

In the dark a bright light shines, 

Or so St. John declared was gospel. 
It’s held as truth by many people 
That John’s bright light forever defines

A Godly promise for all time 

To stir the human heart to hope 
For greatness beyond the human scope, 
For verse beyond the human rhyme.

The light shines on, St. John avows, 

And darkness fails to conquer it. 
O John, I hope you’ve got it right 
That you’re the one who really knows

The ins and outs of the afterlife. 

That Barbi waits for me to come 
And dance with her where planets hum 
A counterpoint to droning grief.

 St. John the Evangelist-- Andrei Rublev

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