Monday, May 23, 2016

Trust Tonji writes


I have seen. . .
Negative comments
Negative impacts
cultivating negativity
in a once positive mind

For ages,
I have seen. . .
the subtle effects
of negativity
revealed in minds,
hidden in visages

After all
I have seen. . .
words shot
like gun shots
weakening the
recipients to a fall

I have seen. . .
divided, broken
to pieces,
and blown away
by the wind,
without a hope
of re-combination


I have seen. . .
Victims of broken spirit
walking about
without broken legs
and friends who love
with their whole heart
opening their whole eyes
wide, but seeing nothing
on the other end
Besides their good friend
Gentle and mild
walking in style

One can see a broken knee
and a cut down tree
But a broken spirit
How can one see?

 shattered tree quilt pattern

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