Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes

Nothing Good About Goodbye

Nothing good about goodbyes,

Scintillating lies, told to withhold tears from sensitive eyes...
The blanket falls from curves unadorned to the floor,
Tears holding their release, all in due time.

She walks into the silver splinter of moonlight,
Pale skin, paler by the winter wind,
Touched lightly by the black silk flowers
Even as they fall to dust as if sandpaper on her flesh.

Nothing good about goodbyes,
Forgetting to forget those times when heartbeats thrummed in caressing thumbs,
Anticipated moans escaping throes of passion from head to curving toes,
Desire flooding each dark chamber of the soul....just gone.

Shimmering, glimmering, still not glamorous somehow,
The way the tide of pleasure recedes and re-awakens over and over again,
Flushed and blushing cheeks, both above and below,
Red the color of a baited eve.

Simmer down, boil now, come into your resting place between her melting thighs,
Tides of unheard groans escape perfectly wetted lips,

Unbound in the words spoken, bound by the souls’ desire,
She continues on heated throes of lust into the moonlight.

Nothing good, about goodbye.

Woman Sitting in the Moonlight -- Charles Caryl Coleman

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