Monday, May 30, 2016

Dorin Popa writes


sweet  and  spacious  are  all

before  they  jump
on  your  back,
full  is  the  breast  while
you  can  see  it  full
and  silvery  are  the  paths
until  you  take
the  first  move
sweet  and  spacious  are  all
as  long  as  you  think
you  can  still  come  back

The Rite of the Silver Path -- John Harris

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  1. Most people think the pilgrimage route "Vía de La Plata" in Spain means "the silver way." However, the "plata" in the name is not derived from the modern Spanish word for silver but rather from the Arabic "al-balat" (cobbled paving), which was merely the translation of the Latin name for it: Via Delapidata ("Paved Stone Way"). The Romans built it as a trade route between Asturica Augusta (Astorga) in the northwest and Emerita Augusta (Mérida) in the southwest in order to exploit gold, according to Gaius Plinius Secundus ("Pliny the Elder"), the procurator in Hispania Tarraconensis.


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