Sunday, May 15, 2016

Timothy Spearman writes

The Death of Death

For generations we have lived under the yoke of a great deception orchestrated by a spiritual oligarchy that maintained complete hegemony and a dictatorship over the human mind. We humans became conditioned to believing in religions that offered eternal life in Death, and the promise of salvation through martyrdom and death. The obvious contradiction that eternal life could find its home in Death entirely escaped the brainwashed sheeple, who followed their shepherd into the valley of the shadow of Death, urging them to fear no evil, since he was their Lord and their Shepherd. And where were they herded? Into an early death, a premature demise and an untimely departure from this life to reside in a nothingness devoid of life in a netherworld beyond this world, which they called Heaven, but which became their and our Hell.

When the Metaphysical poet John Donne admonished, "Death be not proud," it never dawned on anyone that he was actually referring to a real entity, a creation of Satan, a kundalini serpent wound around the Tree of Life, stifling it so that it was unable to produce the fruit of Paradise. But the time is ripe and the fruit is ready, and the harvest is at hand. Because of the work of renewal performed by The Mother, and with the assistance of her beloved, the Father, Death is no more and Paradise, once lost, is now regained, as John Milton once hoped and would now be happy to acknowledge were he alive to share it. The Black Death that existed at the time of his ministry was one of the darkest reigns of Death since the time of antiquity till now. But the age of longevity is at hand where the standard lifespan of three score and ten will be increased by nine scores and a final goal that will see us all in the winner circle, receiving the trophy that is our reward for hanging on and hanging in. Victory is at hand and the Gates of Paradise within easy reach. All that is needed is the first tentative step over the threshold and through the portico to the Inner Temple of the Heart of Paradise. 

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