Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Neelanjana Sarkar writes

What if she took a stand?

Polite, she was much. 
In a world so cruel, she was lovely as such. 
Couldn’t have loved anyone more, 
Yet none to take care of her when her throat got sore. 
Complained she never, as if she could ever.

Friends she had some, 
Way too busy in their sum. 
She had that heart, 
As if an angel just took birth. 
You would never meet someone calmer, who needed to be firmer.

Life was on its go 
Throwing troubles at her to and fro. 
Bore them with grace 
With an ever smiling face. 
It might just seem surreal, I know she was for real.

People left her like one leaves a toy. 
She led a life which was less than joy, 
Where a scratch raises hue and cry, 
With the heart broken, she just remained dry. 
Her big bright eyes would just stare, she knew it wasn’t fair.

Ruthless times had changed her barely 
But it was a must really. 
Then, new friends she met, 
And the old ones, they would hate!
They loved her like none ever, she knew they were forever.


With her goodness intact 
She stood for herself in fact. 
The world complained, “She was rude!” 
She did the best thing she ever could. 
She loved others like the old self but managed to save some for herself.

No one bothers to care
As long as you do the ideal fair. 
She got her self back. 
Her friends looked for a gunny sack, 
Wished to put all the harrowing  people in, off into a bin!

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