Thursday, May 19, 2016

Akor Emmanuel Oche writes

I hear your name
in the
splashing waters of this cold
evening wind.
The wave of each
strikes its surface
causing ripples
of circular thoughts
full of nostalgia.
The moon is all that is left
of my messengers
long after our
shorting star gave up its life
with the brightness of a cold night,
with love it stared at you and me.
Blurred images on your face
fade away gradually
all against my waiting arms
willing to grab your scarlet lips and
place a kiss on them.
Yet, they vanish too suddenly.
You are eternally planted in
my heart as you rapidly grow
A thousand miles across the sea,
is it too far to keep you away from me?
Seven days with one night gone,
i wish i was there,
i wish i had come.
What is left of me in this lonely hour 

but ripples of your fading face
passing by.
 art, heart, heart roots illustration, illustration, love, pretty, red
 Heart Roots -- NERAKMN

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