Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes


Love, unspoken...chained inside the depths of all I am and ever will be,
There is something to be said for a divine rapture more intoxicating than any drug,
Ingested, divested in a state of bliss that should not exist at all....but does without control or consent from these swollen lips,
As if I had any say at all other than the “yes” that drips like honey from a silken tongue.

Dangerous waters tread, head sinking joyously into the folds of futures known,
Unwilling to lose one last high at the touch of your promising fingertips, molding me into you, perfectly,
Love; as if I have any say in the way hearts beat in chests or souls dance in heated union...
You’re sweeter than the dark chocolate melted and dripping down my chin before your tongue cleans up the purposeful mess I made.

Is there anything more intimate than being fed, each sweet succulent bite of food or flesh delivered seamlessly into my parted mouth?
A beggar’s child now am I, again, and again for the feel of your essence practically leaking from my pores...
Who am I to say goodbye when all I can ever do is say hello?

To the edge of sanity the Angel’s wings shall dance again, feet so far from the ground....
I know not the heated brinks of madness that dine on my heart when placed in your hands,
I know nothing anymore, not of you, not of me, only the sensation of us,
And I know of the trembling flesh that quivers as you carry my soul to the shore and stop me from drowning.

That is all I know, any more....
The rocking tides, the crashing waves, angry skies looming in the distance kicking salt water into my stormy depths,
But I see nothing of that as your hand runs soothingly along my skin, your eyes burning holes in every wall I’ve ever built,
And that the beauty in that small thing more grand than all the universes of all the worlds shall have to be enough.

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