Monday, May 16, 2016

Saheli Mitra writes


Yes you blinded me.
Your rainbow halo lay
a farewell wreath on
my lost womb.
And your mid-noon ring
Flashed on my wrinkled thumb
that a baby could have sucked 
someday in joyful mirth.
Yes you had blinded me decades back,
when you fled along clouds
Painting my dreamy dawns
With frozen stones leaving a trailing tail,
A passing comet burning
a desire in my unripe loins.
I travelled with you
Past centuries of
dust and loss
Love and lust.
Towards your blinding light.
Many a road had I tread
Many a peak I scaled
Many a shore I made love on
Many a desert I crossed.
Blinded by the halo
I left all behind,
Memories and grief
Laughter and merriment.
Riding on your missing tail
That would take me away
To your universe
Where your milky way would
Give refuge to a blinded heart
Lonely as a cloud who you
kissed yesterday.
Yes, I wish to be blinded by you again
And lie down in that grave
That never speaks of death
But would bury my thoughts instead.


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