Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ardita Jatru writes

The most vilified woman in our neighborhood

The most vilified woman in our neighborhood was Eli.
She was raised in an orphanage.
We all knew, but we hadn’t seen
Eli circulating nude at home
without panties at all,
and ward boys guarded every evening
on the terrace of the opposite block
to see Eli without her panties through windows
with that beautiful thing bared
and her jutted out breasts as fresh apples.
One day, someone had written on her door,
"Eli, I want to fuck you"
There yelled Camille, Lilly and Jia.
They took rags, swept off and scoured Eli’s door
Shameful, what the kids would read.
O Lord, what woman they had in their palace
and they closed within a few hours their husbands.
And there was a day
that Eli went abroad forever
and there sprung a great tranquility.
Finally, the mothers of boys got rid of her
The whore went away, they said, that's it.
On the terrace of the opposite block
remained some small footprints
and boyish craving waiting for Eli
to appear naked as before
with that beautiful and bared thing.

--tr. Laureta Petoshati 

 Lady on the Stairs -- John Mann.

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