Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pramila Khadun writes

The lanes of love

Love is not an open field
Where we run about joyously
Without a fixed destination,
Spreading our arms to light.

It has three lanes,
Very definite and as clear
As the crystal moon,
Glittering like a wreath of pearls.

The first lane is shady, flowery,
As pellucid as Spring
Where star-bright companions
Meet in a 'love at first sight',
Like the glinting dew, twinkling all bright.
'You are destined for me', say the hearts
And the lovers nod their heads in glee
With serendipitous gleam in their eyes.

The second lane is a fast track.
Meetings and marriages are arranged
And love too, albeit in a different way,
Evoking empathy and tenderness.
Hearts are unlocked and love flows
As slowly as it grows.
Sweetly like a convincing crescendo
Confidence is established
And the ride may be bumpy or smooth.

The third lane is full of pathos,
Over-flooded with the tears
Of meandering rivers flowing
From the sad eyes of lovers.
It is a meeting of ancient souls,
Interesting and effusive, palpable
That the hearts recognize
With the speed of lightning.

Emotions are intense and pure, a catharsis,
As old as History and as reliable as marble.
There is pain everywhere----
The pain emerging from not seeing,
Not touching, not feeling, not kissing,
Not being able to hold each other,
And be together.
Sometimes fate, at other times the world,
Separates the lovers, pining for each other
And sadly enough, death embraces them
To give them the meeting
That life couldn't.

Step not in this third lane
For in this lane
There is sorrow and self-destruction
Unless you are armed with a heart
That defies all,
Breaks all barriers
And conquers all,
For in this lane,
True love reigns.
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