Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mary Annie A. V. writes

In a quarter 
in a half
in three quarters
in full 
you played hide and seek 
with me
from among the clouds
kissing the coconut fronds
before I finished the count.

Ah! i grew up loving you 
hearing tales of you
crying out for you.

You are still there, 
playing those games I love,
on silent nights
distracting me,
when with a mind
heavily laden with clouds
rages a silent war
that borders
on the verge of non existence,
I step out in despair,
you entertain me
by just being
conjuring life out for me
from your hat
with a wave of your shine
before you disappear
once again.

I trace my steps back to sleep 
like a child
quietened at its mother's breasts,
dreaming of a girl
with long braided hair
while  drawing water from the well
was crying out loud,
because instead of water,
she had pulled you up in her pail,
and didn't know
how to put you back again.

And you came down, 
wiped her tears
and carried her away with you.



  1. Moon in the Bucket

    Look out there
    in the bucket
    the rusty bucket
    with water unclean
    A luminous plate is floating –
    the moon, dancing to the gentle night wind
    Look! All you who shout across the wall
    with a million hates.
    Look at the dancing moon
    It is peace unsoiled by the murk
    And dirt of this bucket war.

    -- Gabriel Okara

  2. thank you dear for the poem..loved it.. @ mary annie a.v (Poet)

  3. One of the loveliest of poems. My favorite verses "because instead of water,
    she had pulled you up in her pail,
    and didn't know
    how to put you back again."
    Unforgetable and superb. Hoping to read more of Mary Annie's poems here.


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