Friday, April 22, 2016

William H. Drummond writes

Why is the Sky Blue?

"Why is the sky blue?"
"And what are the stars?"
Mira asked her mother
"Is the moon made of cheese?"
"Could you please tell me, please?"
"And why am I not like my brother?"

Her mother just smiled

She hugged close her child
And kissed her on the cheek
"Curiosity's fine"
"And I don't want to whine"
"But I can't give the answers you seek"

"But I'll tell you a tale"
"And if I don't fail"
"The answers will be in your heart"
"For the questions you pose"
"Are as plain as your nose"
"And this story's a good place to start"

Once long ago
Lived a boy I'll call Joe
Who wondered the same things as you
But he was alone
And his heart was like stone
But his brain stuck to things just like glue

His mom and his dad
(And I know this is sad)
Had both died from an unknown disease
Now this was his quest
That from nature he'd wrest
All her secrets and cure even a sneeze

Joe went to school
And he made it his tool
As he gobbled up books by the ton
He learned many things
But what happiness brings
He learned not at all, not a one

His mind was machine
If you know what I mean
And his thoughts were of none but himself
And the only things real
He could touch, see, or feel
Not a faerie or goblin or elf

Joe learned all he could
But it did him no good
Inside was still empty and bare
He'd no sense of awe
Nothing softened his jaw
He had no love and he didn't care

But that isn't quite true
He once thought just like you
Of the sky and the stars and of life
And then, late at night
In his dreams came a light
And it cut through his brain like a knife

He dreamed of his youth
And remembered a truth
That was stronger than all he had learned
Of the faeries he dreamed
And they spoke, so it seemed
And they showed him where his life had turned

When he was a child
His dad taught of the wild
And his mom read him stories of lore
He loved magical things
And mythical kings
There was wonder behind every door

But then they were gone
After night was no dawn
And his sorrow had covered his heart
He saw now he was wrong
For the faeries' sweet song
Had torn his heart's cover apart

Not since a young boy
Had he felt such great joy
Though still dreaming he smiled and he sighed
And when he awoke
Words the faeries all spoke
Filled his heart and he laughed and he cried

From that very day
He went a new way
And he loved life, the stars, and the sky
And he studied much more
But not like before
He looked not for the what but the why

And he sang many songs
And made right many wrongs
And was friends with the faeries and elves
So you see, my young one
That when everything's done
Truth and wonder are one in themselves

 Motivation, Inspiration and Other Fairy Tales

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