Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kannadasa Dasan writes


We have invented digital watches 
But do we know to use the time?
We have prepared many foods 
But do we know to unite and dine?

We have different types of pens 
But we're afraid to write the right! 
We have various colours of lamps 
But do we know where to light?

We often travel around the world 
But do we know our neighbor's name?
We used to say Lord Buddha’s word 
But we don’t have any good aim! 

We care for the bar and the car 
But we give nothing to the poor! 
Good songs and music we hear 
But a poor man’s cry we don’t hear!

We search for the gold all around 
But do we know our mother's worth?
We speak as if we are god’s friend 
But very rarely we speak the truth! 


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