Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Felino A. Soriano writes

Of this Momentum Song (forty)

 We said what
we wanted.  To
   say then was
 to improve mood
  the water of
 our fluent speaking.
    Cast away numbers
  returned in woolgathered
   tableaus.  Confiscated
  the caliber too good
 not to walk into.  We
   with Drum, await
 a why toward what we’re
  as to say a bee
 causing fear
   is only drawing
 dropped syllables
  the answer the watcher
 refuses to inhale.  Rise,
    we aim to the
  upper stair of
 worded phrase,
  structured.  We
stare to inject
   pause into
 what wasn’t,
what wasn’t
  as means to
 what wasn’t hidden…
               to us—
  then, what leads
 us is prose.  Enunciation
   hears itself, ex
 -plains meaning,
  an immediate
    curates sound as
    Myth is lonely, was
  seen shaking
     the burn of no
  air, from Truth’s
   visual grip, determined

       “I hear you and the becoming of what the scent will expend.”

          So what was said
      and the sound was
       symphony of

                     the earliest


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  1. Marseilles-based composer Pierre Sauvageot created "Harmonic Fields," a wind symphony for a moving audience and 500 wind-powered musical instruments that form a veritable orchestra and include the different sections of symphonic ensembles (woodwind, strings, percussion), including harmonic cellos, vibrating drums, windmill glockenspiels, bamboo whistles, propeller sirens, gyrating musical boxes, Balinese scarecrows, chromatic tepees, pentatonic grails, acoustic bows, flute trees, and rattlesnake fishing rods,
    The landscapes which play host to the traveling exhibit become the object, subject, and the medium of the creation, so he choice of site is particularly important: open space, uplands or along the coast, far from urban centers but readily accessible by the public. Spectators move freely around the site, creating their own routes or relaxing on loungers as they choose. The musical-visual composition, in collaboration with Jany Jérémie and Toni Casalonga, involves organizing the assembly to enhance the dialogue between resonance, space, and temporalities; anticipating walking speed and the time it takes the audience to stop and listen, and the blind sections. The artmusic festivals also include roaming "Windmills," performers, dancers, and actors who emphasize the musical space, organize blind sections, impress images, and tell stories.


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