Friday, April 15, 2016

John Sweet writes

my everywhere

and if you can’t be a

messiah or a martyr

then what?

if your words sound

hollow in an empty room?

i refuse to pay for your pain

i refuse to

acknowledge my failures

there is no future in calling

yourself a child of god

but i don’t expect you to listen

fear is the greatest motivator

i learned this while

sitting at my desk beneath

rows of fluorescent lights,

37.5 hours a week,

deadlines and evaluations and

the constant weight of someone

just over my shoulder

it was explained to me

that money is more important

than happiness

i was shown pictures of the

corpses of those who had

starved to death for

noble causes

none of them looked like

anyone i’d

ever want to know
Woman in an empty room -- George Rorris

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