Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ike writes

Gram’s Bread

In 1951 we moved from San Francisco to Concord
It was the middle of July, it was hot
When Gram’s store was baking bread
You could smell the bread fresh out of the oven
Mom would open the kitchen window and the air was full
Of the aroma of baking bread
She said, Ike, go get a loaf of bread from Gram’s store
Mom gave me 15 cents and off I went
It was 2 blocks to the store
The closer I got to the store the hungrier I got
When I got to Gram’s there was a line around the corner of the store
On the way home the smell got to me
I tore a hunk off the loaf and ate it
When I got home. . . I was in trouble
After that I learned to take an extra 20 cents
And buy two loaves of bread and a cube of butter
The butter would melt into the bread
And I had a smile on my face all the way home
I never got into trouble . . . again

 yanovsky16-- Avrom Yanovsky

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