Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes

Only the Beginning

The soft sounds become harder, exaggerated moans, 

Pleas of abandonment from the flicker of your mouth...
Movement shimmers into the still air, stretching into everything, sweat trickled from a concentrated brow,
The way we bend, loss of appetite except for one thing...covered completely in such radiated heat,
Forced heartbeat as fingertips saunter down.

Surrendered, I want to be surrendered to the breath on my flesh,
The heated, repeated marks of your teeth as they dine so succulently, on me...
Marked and marred by love’s divine detour into less Godly things..
Thick growls heavy on the breastplate as it quivers relentless into your arms.

Searing tongue, one lick, two licks, three then more...until there’s a wrenching need,
Head thrust back..forcing hardened nipples into raging peaks of pleasure...
Your fingertips failing and not gentle in attempts at holding writhing hips still,
As I slide myself unbidden, unhinged on your pronounced appreciation for the taste in your mouth.

Hands travel to your hairline, fingernails grasp and eyes no longer see...

Heat sucked into the vortex of us, releasing in form as slick, wet ecstasy on panties that are quickly torn away...
A tattoo swirls, needy for the attention that your tongue so lovingly denies...
As the lotus flower blooms with the warmth of our found and delivered seamlessly upon the tender, trembling folds.

No time before that shattering, battering ache is eased,
Thunder roars in and out of veins thrumming with unspent need, seed that has not found a resting place between my thighs...
Down the lightning comes, from those golden, glittering eyes,
Before breaking me apart, from the inside.
And that, was only the beginning.


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  1. Beijing Dance Theater's ballet version of The Golden Lotus, as performed at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, was was written and directed by Wang Yuanyuan, adapted from "Jin Ping Mei" written by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng ("The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling"). [Arthur Waley suggested that the author was the painter-poet Xu Wei.] The novel circulated in manuscript as early as 1596 and was printed in 1610, but has been officially banned most of the time since its appearance. The title refers to the three central female characters — Pan Jinlian ("Golden Lotus" Pan), Li Ping'er ("Little Vase" Li), and Pang Chunmei ("Spring Plum Blossoms" Pang); all three names may be seen as metaphors for female sexuality. The story, however, centers on Ximen Qing, a corrupt social climber with six wives and concubines, and the domestic sexual struggles of the women in his household as they seek prestige and influence. In the course of the novel, Ximen has 19 sexual partners, and 72 detailed sexual episodes are presented, along with descriptions of sexual objects and coital techniques, bawdy jokes, and sexual euphemisms. Ximen dies from an overdose of aphrodisiacs administered by Jinlian to keep him aroused.


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