Saturday, April 23, 2016

Isoboye Danagogo writes

your 'CRONY' your 'IRONY'

It is not all haggles; 
Inlet vendors cackle. 
Friends are nest, 
They covet and privet.
They impact and depart. 
Some fill and steal. 
Some are snakes,
Gone as you shake.
Some are paper; 
They are tasteless like water. 
It is not all grief that's brief. 
Some are jugs that fill your pains.
Some are hugs, they stay close. 
Some get closer to stay true. 
It is not all smiles
That gleam the teeth.
Some friends are better than brothers; 
Some brothers are more than friends. 
Some are bowls; 
All they needs is fills.
Some are nefarious; 
They do everything too serious. 
Some are very sincere; 
They live insincerity.
Some are so truthful 
They do things falsely. 
It is not all smiles; 
Cheek has to emulate.
"If the rotten tooth in the mouth is not removed. 
The teeth have to chew with caution."

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