Thursday, April 14, 2016

Anca Mihaela Bruma writes and recites

I urge you

To meet me on the edge of the World...

There, where horologes grow their wings,

There, where distances ache our shoulders no more,
Where the metronome dissipates our breaths no more,
And unbroken smiles do not grow...
The place... where... you cease to chase
The shadows of Worthlessness!...

To meet me where Eternity has lost its clock,
Where dreams live, unmutilated by tears,
So we can find each other
Beyond banal bleached days
Of senseless sceneless seasons,
Where I may still taste the aroma of your morning eyes,
A Time and Place where I may cease to remember
how my roots were stolen from me,
And I may strive no more within the molasses
Of mundane monotonous equations,
Require no more Mathematic solutions
Of... this LOVE!...

I urge you to meet me
To the place where answers lose their questions,
With no maps or recipes to touch the Heart,
Where words cannot shatter my hearing
And Time is not crammed inside a dusty lost note.
Meet me where the verb "to cry" is non-existent,
No walks on nameless maze of streets -
Instead arched inside a hypnotic butterfly's leap.

My Love... I drew my Eternity under your eyelids,
Words lost their senses past the borders between our thoughts,
Just an additional pulsation for you....
To love me insanely without restraint.
No more random rusty routines,
Only... the Mirage of our cosmic Co-Existence!

 music ("Alone") by Johnny Alici

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